Saturday, March 2, 2013

This past week, Elder Fallon was able to grow closer to his Savior through a series of daily training courses and orientation seminars. He has had the opportunity to meet his companion, Elder Herlin, and teach his first lesson to a "non-member" actor. Elders Fallon and Herlin were able to commit this actor to read the Book of Mormon and to come to church! (Not bad for the first time!) Afterwards, he was able to unpack and settle into his apartment in a town called Pacana which is actually located in Arizona. The area in which Elder Fallon is currently serving in is called Mesquiet. Most of the areas boundaries are in Nevada, with the exception of Pacana, where Elder Fallon is serving. So, Logan is actually in Arizona... SO COOL!

                   Here is Elder Fallon's area! It sits right on the border between Nevada and Arizona.                                                   

The purpose and focus of the courses Elder Fallon attended this week was to meet and build spiritual compadibility with your companion, and to decide the focus of the Elder's daily personal and companion scripture study. Each day, the Elders are fed, which is of course the highlight of the day.... before learning more about teaching with the Spirit. During one of these classes, Elder Fallon decided to "rest his eyes." Within seconds, Elder Herlin gently poked his side and said "Hey! Jesus is watching!" Logan at first wasn't sure how to respond, but then they both snickered and continued studying there scriptures. What a hoot! :)

Meet companion #1: Elder Herlin!
In this weeks letter, Elder Fallon expressed his grattitude towards the Savior and His sacrifice for all mankind. He is so grateful for the gospel and the opportunity he has been given to become personally better, and closer with the Lord. He again, sends his love and prayers!



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