Thursday, March 21, 2013

First Baptism!

Elder Fallon has finally seen some spiritual action in the sticks of Nevada with his companion, Elder Herlin. After 2 weeks of feeling as though his efforts were worthless Elder Fallon write in a letter:

               "So!... awesome news... i've got an investigator with a baptismal date set. Her name is Denny Hilderbrand. She's about 60 years old and is already on the second lesson. She is coming to church every Sunday and grasping the gospel principals. The date is set for April 13th and she should definitely be ready by then. Denny is super prepared and loves the gospel and our church. Things are getting pretty busy around here. We are having more success in our area now and i have no idea why. We have gotten more work done in the past three days then we have the entire time that i have been in the Panaca area!"


Elder Fallon is becoming more and more acclimated to the climate and culture of Panaca everyday. Although he is still boggled by the fact that the nearest Walmart is 3 hours away, he makes do with the local grocery store, and cook for himself, and Elder Herlin every P-Day. (Monday.) He enjoys the opportunities to go the temple once every few weeks, and enjoys that the members feed him Steak and Ribs on a weekly basis. He commented that he is overwhelmed by the hospitality, love, and faith of the people of Panaca, and enjoys serving the people. He also enjoys the plentiful free time he is privileged to spend with his companion/best friend, Elder Zach Herlin, who calls Texas home when he is not on his mission. They will spend approximately 10 weeks together total, before a transfer occurs, and they will be forced to split ways for the rest of their mission. As sad as this is for Elder Fallon, he is so thankful to have started out his mission with such an amazing companion.

As always, Logan sends his love and prayers. :)

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