Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mission Update!

I can't believe it's already September! I am terribly sorry for slacking off from this blog lately, life is just happening so quickly! I will try to cover as much ground as possible, without writing a novel for you to read, and to incorporate as many pictures as possible. Elder Fallon has grown and experienced so much in the past 3 months, and still continues to enjoy himself while serving the Lord. 

Okay... where to even start! Elder Fallon finished out the month of June with another baptism. Glen (who apparently does not have a last name, because Logan NEVER uses it...) was what you would call the ideal investigator. He was simply looking for a truth that would bring him happiness when the Elders found him, within a few months he was ready for his baptism, and since then has obtained the Priesthood. Elder Fallon says that Glen has an energy for the gospel, and a thirst to be apart of it in every way. He is such a kind and well-spoken man, and we are lucky to have found him! 

In July, we celebrated the 20th birthday of Elder Fallon. His birthday fell on a Monday this year, so instead of enjoying a full day of preaching the gospel, Elder Fallon enjoyed playing basketball with some of the other Elders in the area, and finished out the day with dinner at a member house, who graciously made him steaks for dinner, and a Dr. Pepper birthday cake for dessert. How amazing is that! I am so grateful to know that there are members who take care of him while he is gone. Overall, Elder Fallon welcomed in his 20 year with a memorable and enjoyable day. 

Birthday cheese balls from Elder Herlin!

A GINORMOUS Dr. Pepper cake! (and a new Purple Paisley tie from Emma)

The Dino water bottle to help him stay cool in the heat, and a Rasta tie!

Later on in July, Elder Fallon had the opportunity to travel 3 hours away to Las Vegas for a Zone Conference. They stopped at the Arizona boarder, saw a TON of mountains, blew  tire on the highway (again), and finished off with homemade pizza from Elder Fallon himself! ( I'm SO proud!!!)

Look how perfect this pizza is!!!!

In the beginning of August, Elder Fallon experienced his first ever hardcore hailstorm. The bits of hail we about the size and shape of peas, and came down so heavily, you could easily cup your hands and fill them within a few seconds! (I didn't even know it was possible for Nevada to experience hail!) 

Obviously, he's representing the Lord, AND the world's greatest band! ;) 

The second week of August brought about change for Elder Fallon. He was transferred from Panaca where he spent the first 6 months of his mission, and is now 10 minutes from The Strip in Las Vegas. His area is the very Northeast tip of Nevada and is 8 blocks by 8 blocks, and... HE BIKES! So far he is enjoying being closer to the city, where Walmart is just across the street, and although the work is slow, he stays positive and makes the best out of every day!!! He loves his new apartment, but misses the faces and friends he made in Panaca, and is excited to continue working in LasVegas. 

this is the view from his new apartment.

He loves his new desk space!  

It dropped to a frigid 63 degrees and obviously, that's cold enough for a P-coat... ;)

Hopefully this makes up for the past few months, and you feel like you are well educated and updated on the life and times of Elder Fallon, who is still LOVING what he is doing and still looks forward to receiving mail from home. He has just reached his 7 month mark, and sends his love and prayers.