Monday, April 22, 2013

Just Checking In

What a handsome missionary. :) He is thriving and enjoying every moment of his service to the Lord. Remember J.B. Nelson from the March 25th post? Well...HE WAS BAPTIZED! Elder Fallon had to privilege to witness the baptism, and to confirm J.B. as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and bestow upon him, the gift of the Holy Ghost this past Sunday. Logan was so honored to have the opportunity to be a part of J.B.'s experience.
It is starting to get a little warm in Panaca! With the average day-time temperature set at about 75 degrees. They haven't received rain or precipitation in any way in 6 weeks, and with the summer sun just around the corner, the Elders are taking extra precautions by stocking up on sun block and chapstick. He and Elder Herlin are still the most successful companionship in the Zone and maintain that leadership by working hard to find and reach-out to those whom are looking for the truth or happiness of the gospel in their lives. It does help that they have developed a great friendship and enjoy working together. Elder Herlin claims that the secret to their success is keeping an open mind, and always expect the unexpected.
Both Elder Herlin and Elder Fallon were able to escape the last transfer that occurred last week, which means they will be companions for another 7-10 weeks. They were both overjoyed to learn they would be staying another few weeks in the boonies of Nevada. Logan has fallen in love with the quiet landscape, the exotic local foods, and the people he has met. I try to remind him that he is changing the lives of the Panaca people everyday, but he refuses the sediment, declaring that they are changing his life. (SO CUTE!)
Overall, Logan is happy, healthy, and LOVING his time with Elder Herlin, and as always, he sends his prayers and love. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

2 months!

Elder Fallon has reached his 2 month mark! That means there are only 22 months left to serve! Logan is becoming more accustom to teaching and public speaking, despite his nervous and jerky feelings everytime the opportunity comes along. He and Elder Herlin are GREATLY enjoying their time together and are so far, the most successful companionship in the zone... WAY TO GO LOGAN! He currently has a total of 5 baptism dates set for investigators whom have been preparing to become baptized members of the church. One of the baptisms was set for today! We are anxious to hear through e-mail or letter sometime this week, if the baptism was a success and went on as planned. Elder Fallon is so excited about missionary work and loves waking up every morning knowing that he can serve!

It is starting to get really, really hot in Panaca, with the average daytime temperature set around 87 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat must be effecting the sight of the Elders, for on the way home from a teaching appointment, and on the way to see the Mission President and his wife, Elder Herlin hit a deer which darted across the highway! I had broken all four of it's legs, so they called the mission president. A few minutes later, the Mission President, and an other member of the ward had come to the rescue. They quickly and with dignity slit the deers' throat to end it's suffering and went on with their day. There was surprisingly little damage done to the car! The only evidence of the accident is a small dent in the front passenger side. It was certainly an adventure that made the Elder's days.

They look a little to pleased with themselves.... (;

Overall, the Elders are in high spirits and are becoming a dynamite team for the Lord. Although this past week was transfer week, both of the Elders escaped having to leave Panaca! It looks like the Lord has a few more things in store for these two Elders! And as usual, Logan sends his love, and prayers.