Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Settling In

Elder Fallon is starting to get the hang of learning through the spirit, waking up at 6:30am everyday, and missionary work in general. He is loving the time he gets to spend with Elder Herlin everyday. Elder Herlin likes to clean the apartment, and Elder Fallon likes to cook. It's a win-win situation. The Elders are currently teaching two investigators who seem to be interested in the gospel, but whom are struggling with their addiction to smoking. Although this is a frusterating matter, Elder Fallon reminds himself that "faith in the Lord is faith in His timing." In 2nd Nephi, we are told that the power of the Holy Ghost will sink the word into the hearts of those who are willing to accept them.

Elder Fallon says that Panaca is a very small town, so small in fact, that they neglected to add a McCDonalds to the town! The Elders have a car that they use to travel to their appointments, church meetings, and tracting destinations. Because of their remote location, they end up driving between 30 and 60 miles everyday. This gives Elder Fallon a chance to bond and become better aqquainted with his companion, Elder Herlin. Logan is so grateful for the members and their hospitality and love shown towards the Elders. He claims that he has eaten Steak 3 times this week, and Prime Rib twice! (I think it's all time to serve a mission in Nevada.....) Overall Logan is having a remarkably amazing experience and has already felt his testimony grow. He forgot his camera battery at home, but will be recieving it in short time, and promised Emma that he would send pictures as soon as he could. He is currently studying the words of Omni, Enos, and Mormon, in the Book of Mormon, and is studying in the New Testament during his daily companion study with Elder Herlin. As always, Logan sends his love and prayers.

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