Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mission Pictures... FINALLY!

Logan FINALLY sent Emma his camera chip..... so here are the much anticipated pictures of Elder Fallon hard at work in the Lord's service. :)

this is just a really nice dog who waits for the Elders every morning and follows them everywhere they walk. :)
and this is another nice dog. (:

Elder Herlin and his new doggy friend
This what the landscape of Panaca is like. It's brown, dry, and desert like.
Elder Herlin just reached his 6 month mark, so they had a ceremonial tie burning!

Elder Herlin... hard at work (;
morning companion study. <3333

FINALLY! a picture with Elder Fallon in it!!! This is Elder Wilkerson, Elder Herlin, and Elder Fallon. (He is just the cutest.)

Elder Herlin's photography skills could bear with some improvement. But this is the handsome Elder Fallon. He looks JUST like his daddy. <3
Elder Fallon is continuing to LOVE his mission work, and sends his love and prayers. 

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