Friday, June 7, 2013

It's June!

Holy cow! It's June already! The month of May slipped by so quickly, Logan is past 3 months and well on his way to the 4 months mark! During the month of May, Elder Fallon was able to visit the Las Vegas, Nevada Temple, skype home for mother's day, and tucked another baptism underneath his belt. He also avoided transfers once again! He and Elder Herlin are still companions for the next three months at least, and Elder Herlin is currently serving as the District Leader. He is still enjoying his time with Elder Herlin and hopes to enjoy the coming months serving with him. Logan commented that he is starting to miss longboarding and playing guitar.

Towards the end of May, Logan was able to visit area 51, just an hour northwest of Las Vegas. Recounting this experience in a letter, he said: "So yeah, this guy got to go to area 51. It was pretty sweet, and not many people get the chance to visit this place on their mission, but this ginger has accomplished just that. What I did there is highly confidential... just kidding... we saw people who were pretty much aliens and got to ride in this awkward truck that was so low to the ground I could have stood next to it and still have been taller. I felt like a boss, but that's not really a surprise."

Logan has been trying harder at treating everyone as a child of God right off the bat, without unrighteous judgments. He says that through this experiment, he feels that those whom he teaches feel more comfortable with hearing the gospel from him, because they are treated so well by him. They recognize that he truly does want to help them become happier, and grow closer to the Savior. He sends home this challenge to the rest of his friends and family: To treat everyone you come into contact with as a royal child of our Heavenly Father. And as usual, he sends his love and prayers.

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