Thursday, May 2, 2013

Welcoming May

Logan is still doing well, and enjoying his time in the Panaca area. He sent Emma some more pictures this week!!!! He is still in the "spiritual high" from being able to baptize and confirm J.B. this past Sunday. He and Elder Herlin are still working hard to stir up the inactive members within their area. It is starting to really heat up, with the average daytime temperature being anywhere between 80 and 85 degrees.

This week, the Elders were tracting through the mountains of Pioche. Towards the end of the day, they came across a small neighborhood. Almost reaching the end of the road, the Elders came across a small house covered and well decorated with crosses. Slightly nervous, yet completely determined, they marched to the door, and gave it a good solid knock. A few moments later, a middle-aged man, wearing gym shorts and a Celtics t-shirt came to the door. He was completely shocked to see the Elders on  his doorstep. He immediately asked them to leave, and requested that they not return. Undaunted, Elder Fallon asked him what his religious beliefs were. The man responded that he strongly believed in God and in the Savior, but did not agree with Mormonism. Elder Herlin began to explain the similarities of the two parties beliefs when the man swiftly marched back into his house and slammed the door. Although it was not the outcome the Elders were hoping for, it was a learning experience still the same. They went home that night shortly after and discussed new ways to hopefully accept new investigators. They concluded that they would always treat everyone they met as a true Spirit Child of God, in the hopes that the people they serve will feel, and eventually act like such.

Always smiling! (:

 most handsome missionary ever!

This is J.B. He was baptized and confirmed a member this past Sunday!
As usual, Logan sends his love and prayers, and reminds you to keep writing him!!!!! He loooooves to receive handwritten notes and letters from back home.


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